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Help Monarch Butterflies Thrive in Your Landscape

While the challenges faced by monarchs are extensive, individual actions can contribute to their conservation. By creating a haven for them in your landscape, you can provide es...

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A Sprout of Sustainable Design: Sunflower Seeds to Solar Cities

Picture our cities bathed in sunlight, not just the streets and parks, but with buildings themselves transformed into solar power sources! This isn't science fiction, but a prom...

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Moon Garden Landscape Design

While traditional garden lighting paints the night with a predictable gleam, moon garden landscape design offers a captivating alternative. Imagine a space bathed in the soft lu...

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Prepping for the Home Show the week before doing a dry run of our 10’ x 30’ build.
Consider a moon garden landscape design.
Our Arbor Day tree winner Robin according to her mom Erika, “Robin asked to stop by both days after school to go check on the tree! She gave it a hug for about 2 minutes, checked the soil to make sure it was damp, then got back in the car!  Thank you again!”At the tree planting at the Humane Society we also provided Robin a Meyer Lemon tree to ensure fruitful memories of the experience.
Thank you to Erika and Robin for donating the oak tree from our Arbor Day giveaway to the Jacksonville Humane Society Society. We enjoyed helping you plant your beautiful tree.