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Rockaway, Inc. is a full service landscape solutions company specializing in commercial and residential landscape design, maintenance, irrigation, drainage, carpentry and outdoor lighting. Contact us to book a consultation today at (904) 853-6572.
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Rockaway, Inc. is one of the most highly sought-after residential landscape design and maintenance companies in Jacksonville. Whether it’s design, installation, or both we’ve got you covered.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Established in 1958 when art collector, garden enthusiast, and civic leader Ninah Cummer bequeathed her art collection and riverfront home to create a museum, the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is now the largest fine arts museum in Northeast Florida. Rockaway has proudly has provided landscape management services for over 5 years, including full-service maintenance, on-site gardening, enhancement, and water management services!

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Rockaway, Inc. proudly serves many of the most prestigious commercial enterprises in a variety of market segments, including health care, retail centers, and HOA communities.