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Rockaway’s Free Virtual Consultation is perfect for those in the exploratory phase, particularly if you’re weighing potential costs or brainstorming design ideas. Our Landscape Design Checklist equips you with the tools to gather your thoughts, organize your vision, and confidently prepare for sharing with us. You can use our online portal to send us a video of your landscape, giving us insights into your dream vision for the space. Our team will swiftly provide a preliminary estimate based on your video, helping you to assess financial considerations. If our proposal resonates with you, we’ll seamlessly transition to a complimentary in-person consultation to delve deeper.

Complete Landscape Design Consultation Experience

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Our in-person consultations bring you face-to-face with one of our experts on your property itself. In this comprehensive design discussion, we’ll tailor a plan that reflects your unique needs and dreams. Think immediate clarity, personalized solutions, and expert guidance every step of the way. This premium service comes with a $125 consultation fee, an investment in saving you time, stress, and ensuring your landscape vision becomes a reality.

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Step 2: Our friendly Client Experience Coordinator will contact you and work with your schedule to find the perfect time for your design consultation. This ensures you receive the undivided attention you deserve as we embark on crafting your dream landscape.