Exterior Landscape Lighting Jacksonville


Outdoor lighting can be both functional and aesthetic.  We work closely with you to achieve your desired lighting effects.  Our highly trained professionals are experienced in knowing how much light to place on a house, determine focal points, and make it safe, efficient and versatile.  Rockaway can also turn an existing low-voltage system into a state of the art, energy saving LED lighting


Commercial and Residential Irrigation in Jacksonville

We will consult with you at your residential or commercial property about your specific irrigation needs and then perform a detailed irrigation analysis. After the complete inspection, you may then use the findings to fix it yourself or to have our team provide the service. Rockaway also designs irrigation systems for your landscape that ensure coverage and efficiency throughout. Our team specializes in low water use systems, utilizing the newest drip and micro irrigation technology available.

After the design stage, our team will install the system properly, utilizing the most up to date practices. Your system will be thoroughly checked by a head technician, ensuring you are running properly, adequately and efficiently.

A full audit will be performed to include a color-coded zone by zone map similar to the one below