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Rockaway, Inc’s landscape maintenance services for commercial properties include so much more than the typical mow, blow and go company. Our all-inclusive landscape service plans include regular site visits, that not only ensure the quality of our work, but proactively addresses threats to the appearance of your landscape and presents opportunities for enhancement. Regular inspections of your irrigation system, evaluations of your turf and plant health care are performed on a scheduled basis by the day to day contact assigned to your site. Fertilization, pest control and disease control requirements are included in your landscape management services as well. Our team focuses on maintaining an inviting appearance for your commercial property providing you a quality driven service orientated program designed to breed excellence week after week, year after year.

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The life cycle and the value return from your landscape

Traditional Priority
Traditional views and priorities of landscapes have changed. In the past, the most visible impact or first impression of a landscape was the flowers. The second was turf, the squarest footage of any plant material on site, continued so on down the line. As you will see, irrigation is the least visible to the landscape and therefore, typically the least attended to.

Ideal Priority
The below graph indicates landscape sustainability from an investment point of view. Safety is always first; an accident can impact a community for many years down the road. The second is water as we all know living entities, including plants, cannot survive without water. This is the most important component in any landscape. The third through seventh is based on replacement costs. The trees will be the most expensive if same size, same type tree replacement is required. Shrubs, ground cover, turf and flowers follow in the order of cost to replace.

Rockaway’s Integrated Landscape Management Program (RILMP) provides a consistent and comprehensive system to prioritize and manage your landscape with measurable steps along the way. This system offers you many benefits including:

  • Long Range Budget Forecasting and Prioritization
  • Utilized as an Accountability Measuring Tool
  • Assists in Job Documentation

RILMP embodies proactive management of your landscape in a sustainable fashion. Your landscape investment can be managed to preserve resources like water, energy, labor, and materials. Sustainability considers your property’s horticultural needs as well as hardscape, lighting, and security on the site. Through proactive management of these areas, Rockaway, Inc. can help limit your liability on the site, while sustaining your landscape at the highest standard possible.

►ROCKAWAY’S integrated pest management

Rockaway Integrated Pest Management (RIPM) uses an efficient, effective and environmentally conscious approach to pest, disease and weed management. This approach draws on knowledge from several different sciences including entomology (study of insects), mycology (study of fungi), chemistry and horticulture. This interdisciplinary approach enables the Rockaway Team to develop sustainable and less costly solutions to many common landscape problems.

Our RIPM program will consider the economic threshold of the landscape or simply stated how much damage the landscape can sustain until the aesthetic value of the landscape is diminished. Early preventative actions are the key to our successful RIPM program. ​


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