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Rockaway, Inc. specializes in commercial landscape design and installation in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach. We’ve been creating inviting environments that make customers and clients feel welcome for over 25 years.

We’re your one stop shop: ​Whether it’s for an HOA, hotel, individual office or office complex, retail shopping center or industrial building, Rockaway Inc. can design, install, and maintain a beautiful landscape that’s customized just for you.

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The life cycle and the value return from your landscape

Traditional Priority
Traditional views and priorities of landscapes have changed. In the past, the most visible impact or first impression of a landscape was the flowers. The second was turf, the squarest footage of any plant material on site, continued so on down the line. As you will see, irrigation is the least visible to the landscape and therefore, typically the least attended to.

Ideal Priority
The below graph indicates landscape sustainability from an investment point of view. Safety is always first; an accident can impact a community for many years down the road. The second is water as we all know living entities, including plants, cannot survive without water. This is the most important component in any landscape. The third through seventh is based on replacement costs. The trees will be the most expensive if same size, same type tree replacement is required. Shrubs, ground cover, turf and flowers follow in the order of cost to replace.

Rockaway’s Integrated Landscape Management Program (RILMP) provides a consistent and comprehensive system to prioritize and manage your landscape with measurable steps along the way. This system offers you many benefits including:

  • Long Range Budget Forecasting and Prioritization
  • Utilized as an Accountability Measuring Tool
  • Assists in Job Documentation

RILMP embodies proactive management of your landscape in a sustainable fashion. Your landscape investment can be managed to preserve resources like water, energy, labor, and materials. Sustainability considers your property’s horticultural needs as well as hardscape, lighting, and security on the site. Through proactive management of these areas, Rockaway, Inc. can help limit your liability on the site, while sustaining your landscape at the highest standard possible.

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